Breathe to Dream

April 15, 2015

Writing helps me breathe
Like carbon for the trees
I take the bad
And turn it into good
Internalize it all
Just like you knew I would.

Trees and birds passing notes
I’ve got this place that no one knows
They’ll never find us there
So leave behind your worldly cares.
This is where yours and mine,
They can unite
And all our dreams can finally fly.


April 14, 2015

Is confidence a choice?
A conscious decision to silence
The voices that run rampant,
Party with a penchant,
Taking much more than their share.

Is taking the staircase
All I need to do
To escape this self-despair?
Can I climb out from this basement
That knows no sunlight
If only I’m wise and brave enough to realize:
There is still a place where the sun shines.

I think that maybe – just maybe – confidence is but a choice,
A conscious decision to silence my inner critic’s voice.

Originally posted on Humane League Labs:

SomethingBetterRevisedCoverBetween July 2013 and February 2014, Humane League Labs carried out a large-scale study to determine what elements would make a pro-vegetarian booklet more effective at inspiring young people to reduce their consumption of animal products. This study examined:

  • whether it is more effective to focus primarily (three out of four relevant pages) on the cruelty done to farm animals, or to focus primarily on the health benefits of eating vegetarian (cruelty vs. health)
  • whether it is more effective to discuss all common farm animals (pigs, cows, and chickens), or to discuss only chickens (all animals vs. chickens)
  • whether it is more effective to focus primarily (four out of six relevant pages) on the reasons why to go vegetarian, or to focus primarily on how to eat vegetarian (why vs. how)

The study was carried out as a full factorial study, meaning a booklet with each possible combination of the above three variables was created and used in the…

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September 4, 2012

Today was the first day of my second year of school. This may or may not be my last year (it should be, but I haven’t decided just yet if I’m going to take two years to finish and do it part-time because I have disability status – which would be easier on me, and should be the easily chosen best choice, but we shall see – or just try givin’ ‘er and doing it all this year).

I’m feeling pretty nerdtacular right now, to be honest. I feel like all I talk and think about is journalism, having just finished a three week stint interning at CBC Radio 3, signing up to write for a local entertainment website, and amassing a small writers’ fortune of books on all things writing.

Perhaps nerdiest of them all, though, is that I will be getting my (I’ve-always-wished-I-had) glasses in the next day or so. Lois Lane results are not typical or expected, but I’m still pretty excited about it all.

I love new notebooks, pens, paper, and binders, and this time of year really IS the most wonderful in those respects, as much of the school supplies I love so dearly are on sale ’round now.

I’m not sure yet if the vertical labret piercing I took the leap and FINALLY had done last night counters or adds to the nerdiness I’m oozing, but at least it’s something to keep me busy with getting used to.


August 1, 2012

For the second day in a row, I was fortunate enough to encounter a trio of baby racoons today!

I saw the first set with their Mama last night at Stanley Park while looking for parking because I was going to go watch the Fresh Air Cinema showing of Grease at 2nd Beach (which I ended up deciding against since I didn’t think I’d be able to find a place to sit once I got there because I was so late). I just drove by these adorable little guys in a grassy area near Lost Lagoon.

Today, however, there were three little babies scurrying up and down a tree right in front of my car when my friends and I came out of the Squamish Public Library (yet another great reason why you should use the library – you never know who you might meet!).

I was also lucky enough to have a camera with me to capture the moment in all of its adorable glory. I wonder what they told their Mom when she got back from wherever she was…

People to Interview

July 21, 2012

This list ‘o names is both of people I’d like to interview in this lifetime as well as a list of those I have interviewed. I see it as ever-evolving and I’ll just keep adding to it as I think of people I’d like to interview and/or get to interview more people (which I’ll note by crossing their name off the list as I go).

– Leah Abramson
– Adele
– Coco Love Alcorn
– The Avett Brothers
– Ashleigh Ball (Hey Ocean)
– Bob Barker
– Martha Beck
– Isaac Brock
– Bill Bryson
– Kris Carr
– Tracy Chapman
– Billy Connolly
– Death Cab for Cutie
– Zooey Deschanel
– Ellen DeGeneres
– Ani DiFranco
– The Dixie Chicks/Natalie Maines
– Steve Earle
– Melissa Etheridge
– Will Ferguson
– Jeremy Fisher
– James Franco
– Michael Franti
– Rory Freedman
– Elizabeth Gilbert
– Sarah Gilbert
– Ryan Gosling
– Geri Halliwell
– Ben Harper
– Woody Harrelson
– Arianna Huffington
– Jack Johnson
– Jenji Kohan
– Lady Gaga
– Howard Lyman
– Dan Mangan
– Bam Margera
– Elizabeth May
– Tara McLean
– Matthew McConaughey
– Joni Mitchell
– Alanis Morissette
– Stevie Nicks
– Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
– Mary-Louise Parker
– Joel Plaskett
– Tristan Prettyman
– Bonnie Raitt
– Paul Rudd
– Xavier Rudd
– Serena Ryder
– Jason Segel
– Steve-O
– Gloria Steinem
– Taylor Swift
– David Suzuki
– The Trews
– Shania Twain
– The Wailin’ Jennys
– Danny Wallace
– Barbara Walters
– Diane Warren
– Florence Welch
– Betty White
– Oprah Winfrey


– Katie Couric
– Jian Ghomeshi
– Grant Lawrence
– Will Potter
– George Stroumboulopoulos
– Barbara Walters


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