January 17, 2011

So I just said to someone a few minutes ago (yes at 3:30 in the morning…I’m working the night shift in a hotel, and there happens to still be someone in the brewery), that I’ve never had a Monday-Friday job in my life, but after he went back to his work, I realized that’s not entirely true. When I was in Katimavik my job schedule was always Monday to Friday, but the problem there was that we never really had a day off, because we always had meetings to attend, events to go to, outings to go on, workshops to participate in, or extra volunteer projects we took on to fill up all of what looked at first or to an outsider like “free time.”

And it was in that thought that I recalled my previous conclusion that Katimavik taught me how to fill every day to the max, which I am thankful for, because it keeps me from ever doubting that I can accomplish everything that I set out to do. I do, admittedly, have to let some things slide at times (like I didn’t manage to buy spinach last night before work so I could have it in a smoothie when I wake up this afternoon, or I don’t always make it to a movie or the library when I’ve told myself I will go), but I definitely have days where I plow through life and do twice as much as what at first glance seems possible.

Lately when I think about what my weeks currently consist of (work an hour away Tuesday through Thursday, choir practice on Tuesday nights, hosting a radio show on Friday afternoons – which means furiously working on news or interviews on Thursday nights to prepare, working night shifts on Saturdays and Sundays, and physio on Monday afternoons), I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible that I accomplish it once, let alone that this is week three with the choir and week 6 or 7 of all the rest of it.

I’m kind of tired just thinking about it. At least I know the end is near…in a way. I’ll have weekends off after my last shift at the hotel next Sunday. Though I do have plans to immediately use my first Saturday night off to go see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals play in Vancouver. And I plan to start my long-awaited vegan baking business between now and the summer farmers’ market explosion, as well as learn to play guitar, and then take writing courses at SFU and songwriting courses at Tom Lee Music, as well as get a demo recorded by the end of the year so I’m prepared for Canadian Music Week next year (since I decided recently that this March is a little too soon, as I’d really rather go having something to bring to the table). But then, I don’t think I’d want it any other way – this is just who I am now.

(Originally posted on blog Bird-On-A-Wire on January 17th, 2011 – transferred here on May 26th, 2011)