Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Less Than 40 Days and I’m Off!

June 9, 2011

And will be California Dreamin’ no more.

Alright, that’s probably not true. Chances are pretty good that post Epic Road Trip I will only and always be California Dreamin’.

My countdown stands at 38 days until I leave Squamish (or possibly Vancouver, I haven’t exactly decided just yet) and head south for the Animal Rights National Conference put on by FARM USA to get my education on.

First stop will obviously be Seattle, but probably not for very long. I’m thinking long enough to find a Trader Joe’s (which I’ve never been to) if I haven’t already stopped at one before I hit Space Needle City to stock up on supplies, then Mighty-O Donuts for fuel to spur me on to Portland!

I’m so excited for Portland! To my clear knowledge I’ve never been there – I do recall a trip that my family took in our motor home down to see my Mom’s aunt in the states when I was 9 or 10ish, but I don’t really know where that was (she’s moved a couple of times). I don’t think we left Washington.

The heart palpitations I feel for Portland are only slightly dwarfed by how over the moon I am that I’ll be going to San Francisco the next day, before continuing on to Los Angeles.

I can’t wait to put my inklings to the test and find out once and for all if San Francisco really is where my heart would like to call home. Don’t worry, I’ll be coming back to Canada – for now. I’m not yet ready for such a huge shift as a cross-boarder move. The up-the-highway move to Squamish from Vancouver last August is still plenty enough living by the seat of my pants for me for right now.

Golden Gate, here I come!

Save Me San Francisco

I’m also looking forward to all the good vegan eats from here to LA and back, as well as my return trip travel mates’ and my plan to visit Farm Sanctuary on the way home, and hopefully VegNews if they’ll let us.

If you’re reading this and have suggestions of places I (as right  now it looks like I’ll be travelling solo on the way down) or we (on the way back) should stop between Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles for good vegan eats or other vegan-related goodness, please do let me know in the comments!

I’m sure I’ll be letting everyone know how the trip goes, even if not until I get back at the end of July.


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