Another Year Older

June 26, 2011

Today I find myself yet another year older (yesterday was my birthday). I feel like I’m at least a little wiser – actually, I feel a lot wiser. I’m also really impressed with myself looking back on where I was a year ago and how I handled all the ‘bad’ stuff that was going on with a positive attitude, and how far that’s brought me since.

A lot has happened and changed in the past year, and I’m really thankful to be exactly where I’m at right now. After all, exactly this (and every) moment is all we really have, when you put things into perspective.

While my birthday dinner at Foundation Lounge in Vancouver looked a lot like a disaster (they wouldn’t make nachos with the Daiya shreds I brought, one person watched everyone else eat for 10 minutes before getting her order, another person had the wrong dish brought to them, at the end of the night they tried to say that two people who had left hadn’t paid when they had…), it’s mostly just comical that things could go so awry.

Particularly with regards to the cake I had made and brought (which when I called ahead had been pre-approved as something they were willing to do, unlike the Daiya which they said would be up to whether or not the chef working felt like it). It was an ice cream cake, as I often like to make for my birthdays.

Since last year’s edition was such a huge hit among the meat-eaters in the bunch, I decided to go to the added effort of making the crust – dates, almonds, coconut oil, and cinnamon processed and pressed into the bottom of a spring-form pan – in Squamish, then going to my friend’s house in Vancouver to add and freeze the layers of ice cream – strawberry on the bottom and vanilla on the top – so I could take it to the restaurant without it being mush from the hour-long drive from Squamish.

The incredible irony is that it ended up that way in the end, despite my best efforts and intentions. The (new, but still) girl who took the cake and Daiya from me somehow misunderstood when I asked her to put the cake in the freezer and the Daiya in the fridge. I think you can see where this is going… Cut to two plus hours later when I asked our server to please bring the cake, and she came back and let us know that it was melting all over the fridge. Not much to do about it at that point, but still kind of disappointing. The make-up fondue was a pretty good substitute, though.

I don’t think I’ll be going back there for a third year in a row next year, but it’s still pretty marvelling that so much could go so wrong. Thankfully I don’t feel the need to get overly upset about such things, just a little bummed.

On the brighter side (or is that the greener side…?), I found some broccoli that was quite happy to make its way into my belly.



4 Responses to “Another Year Older”

  1. Heather Says:

    Glad to hear it had a happy ending…….

  2. Alison Cole Says:

    What an idiot who put ice cream in the fridge! But at least you got the fondue, which I’ve had there before and is delicious. Although that place seems like a disaster, the food is good and I’m sorry I had to miss it. Hope you had a good time, though. Happy Birthday!

    • She said she didn’t know it was ice cream, but I find that in and of itself a little off, since it was freezing cold when we handed it to her and it was the first thing we did when my friend and I got in line, because it would have melted otherwise.

      Oh well – it’s pretty funny, and I did have a good time. Birthday satisfaction was quite high on this one.

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