My head is in the clouds…

July 10, 2011

…above the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’ve been caught up in trying to get caught up on work to where I can feel marginally comfortable leaving things for two weeks while I Folk around at the Vancouver Folk Festival (July 15th-17th) before departing for California the next morning, and not returning till July 29th.

On my way into Vancouver from Squamish this afternoon to pre-record what turned into just one episode (it was supposed to be two, but it took us about 3 1/2 hours just to crank out one compilation episode, so we packed it in ‘early’ at 5:15pm), I was driving over the Lions Gate Bridge and overtaken by an internal feeling best described as soaring that I get when I’m really excited or in love with something thinking about how soon I will FINALLY be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge instead.

A lifetime of waiting is soon to come to fruition. Hopefully I can wrangle some good pictures out of this upcoming epic endeavour. I’m also planning on taking my video camera that my parents recently gave me, though I can’t promise that it will be as or any more incredible than the time I went to Tacoma (I only ever wrote the second ‘part’ of what I think I envisioned to be a three or four part series before I forgot exactly how everything went down) – or the time I Pimped Laura’s Mailbox, for that matter. One can only hope.

Side note – re-reading through all my old blog posts just now to find the ones about Tacoma was a beautiful gift of self-reflection. I certainly swore a lot more a few years ago, but it’s really cool to be able to see what things I may have made some headway on, as well as see what things I still want now and where they originated (like a Smart car – I didn’t realise it had been 5 years).


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