Harmless (The Story of Us)

November 29, 2011

Check us out at the Vegan Prom. Tara's on the bottom left, I'm of course the weirdo in the top right, and we're joined by Alissa in the back and Susan in the front.

I guess I might as well announce about my latest culinary endeavor. It’s called Harmless Innovations, and I’ve started it with my friend Tara-Lee Gardiner.

Conveniently enough, Tara and I live basically on the same street (they are different streets, but they are only a couple of feet apart for some strange reason). We met through our mutual involvement with STOP UBC Animal Research, got to know each other better through working together on the Animal Voices Radio Show on 102.7fm Co-Op Radio, and solidified things over the summer with antics like staying up until 7am and getting kicked off of a rooftop and out of a pool in California.

We also danced the night away recently at the inaugural Vegan Prom (pictured above) here in Vancouver at the Wise Hall on November 5th.

I can’t remember now exactly how it happened, but sometime between the prom and the following Sunday or so Tara and I determined that we both wanted to start hosting a Secret Supper Club. Obviously we decided to join forces (that was a no brainer – oh wait…I mean, two heads are better than one. Right? That must be it).

Within the week we were sipping (soy) hot chocolate in Starbucks after singing Christmas carols as we skipped from the car and up to the counter (Walkin’ In a Winter Wonderland, to be exact), watching one of the first snowfalls of the season through the foggy windows and plotting our next move. Just kidding – but only about the skipping. The rest is all a true story.

We were trying to think of names, but weren’t coming up with anything that quite fit our idea to host Secret Suppers, attend bake sales, put on our own events (like movie screenings, parties, dinner dances, and other stuff we’re not ready to publicize just yet), as well as cater others’ events, and make jewelery and native arts like the beautiful dream catchers Tara has already produced. We were trying to think of something that was animal friendly to stand for BS in No BS, but the best I could come up with – which I’m aware was terrible – was No Boob Suckers.

Then Tara asked something along the lines of, “What’s another way to say ‘Less harm’?” We both pondered for a minute in deep thought before Tara took a bathroom break, and I continued to fumble around inside my messy head wading through all my thoughts. And that’s when it hit me: Harmless. Duh. I knew Tara would love it (since she basically suggested it).

By the end of the night we had a growing list of plans, a website ready to be purchased (which happened the next day), and had decided on Harmless Innovations as our name (since the website for Harmless Productions was taken, and Innovations sounded more like what we’re going for than Productions, anyway).

That was November 17th, and in the week and a bit since then, we’ve gotten a secret invite-only Facebook group up and running, as well as our general Facebook page with a bio, a Twitter account (HarmlessVan), and we’ve already had a table at a craft fair selling vegan baked goods and vegan dream catchers.

Tara made Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Mousse, and I made Peanut Butter Cookies, Pumpkin Banana Loaf, and three (!) Pumpkin “Cheesecakes” (one of which I ended up eating myself – whoops!).

We’re also going to be at the Aboriginal Friendship Centre (1607 E. Hastings) this coming Saturday (December 3rd) from 10am to 5pm selling more (vegan, of course!) baked goods, the aforementioned dream catchers, and jewelery.

I’m not sure what Tara has in mind for this weekend, but I’m planning on baking bags of Mini Donuts, Christmas Fudge, and Mini Apple Crisps. With the extra time to advertise all this week (versus the 6 or so hours’ notice I gave people by making the Facebook event at about 3am last Saturday morning), it’s already looking to be a good turn out.

Please feel free to like us on Facebook, and do let us know if you’d like to be added to the Secret Supper Club.


2 Responses to “Harmless (The Story of Us)”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    you had me at harmless…way to go girlys. nice work.

    and between the peanutbutter cookies and the chocolate mouse…who could resist?!

    thanks for doing what you do.
    post any and all events to @vegclub k?


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