I am My Own DJ

December 29, 2011

Okay, seriously now – I just have to express how delighted (and silly) I feel at my recent realization of how to use Youtube to make playlists!

I wish I’d learned this long ago, but I’m glad to have learned it now.

It used to be that I would make epic playlists for things like camping and road trips, birthday parties, summer time capsules and then have friends burn them onto CDs for me (since I didn’t know how to download or burn CDs, not that I’ve really come too far in that department). Then came Katimavik and spending seemingly hours upon hours with Jon and Ken painstakingly recording in Jon’s little notebook all of our ‘Lore’ of songs that we thought were worthy of immortalization (some examples: Wonderwall by Oasis, American Pie by Don McLean, Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry, Manic Monday by Belinda Carlisle, and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, to name just a few).

After Kim left the program, I sent her a working list of all the titles and she (again! thank-you to all who did this for me!) made me 5 CDs with the songs on them, and 3 of them were tailored to our first trimester in the program and we sent them to our first PL, Sarah so she would have something to remember us by.

For my own contribution to my budding DJ skills, I would spend hours making mix tapes (such as ‘Katima-Van Mix Tape’ Volumes I-IV).

Then one beautiful day, I was fortunate enough to get the iPod of my dreams (a 160GB Classic), and I started making playlists from my music collection of my own accord.

But I don’t have all the music I want in this world, because I abstain from downloading, choosing instead to check CDs out from the library or borrowing from friends and relatives and uploading them onto my iPod (though I still buy CDs on occasion that I want to have the liner notes to, and I buy albums on iTunes occasionally that I know I will never find at the library).

Which led me to accept my friend Tara’s invitation to join Grooveshark, where I started making playlists a month or two ago. But…the selection isn’t very good on Grooveshark (like there are only 5 Tristan Prettyman songs, 3 Randy Ponzio songs, and like 4 Jeremy Fisher songs…), which is what took me to Youtube.

And now, let the mixing begin! The musical world is at my fingertips, and set for my ear buds (which I’m pretty sure don’t exist, but I’m pretending they’re like taste buds for my ears, and you can’t stop me).


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