Twilight (It’s not what you think…)

February 21, 2012

Movie lovers, car enthusiasts and lovers of nostalgia get ready – The Twilight Drive-In in Aldergrove opens this Friday for the first outdoor cinema event of the season.

The two movies that will kick off a summer of movie experiences are Man on a Ledge and The Grey.

According to the drive-in’s coming attractions webpage, some of the summer blockbusters to look forward to on the big open-air screen are Men in Black III, G.I.Joe: Retaliation, The Avengers, and American Reunion. It looks like this will be yet another summer of serial continuations.

Though I’ve only ever made it to this drive-in once (and I went to the drive-in back when I was a kid), I have found that they do often show movies I would be interested in seeing against a night sky, and they seem to try varying the programming so there’s bound to be something for everyone at some point over the summer.

Tickets are just $12.50 each for adults, $9.50 each for seniors, and $7.50 each for children aged 5-12. One ticket gets you access to all the movies shown that night.

For now the drive-in is only open Friday through Sunday and is only showing two films nightly, but by summer it will be open 7 days a week with three movies playing Friday through Sunday nights (and two movies on weeknights).

Twilight also offers reduced admission twice weekly, with general admission set at $9.50 per person on Tuesdays and a carload deal of $28 for up to 5 people on Thursdays.

Movies play rain or shine, and walk-ins are welcome – bring a lawn chair and a radio!

You can sign-up to recieve the Twilight Drive-In weekly showtimes newsletter on the homepage of their website.


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