Today I bought a camera – AND I used free money to do it!

I won a gift card to Pacific Centre from entering a draw at the Parkinson Society British Columbia’s info booth in the mall when I was there with a friend looking for shoes to buy with another gift card I have on March 31st.

When I got the call about winning, I was told it was a $100 gift card, but it actually ended up being $150 when I checked the balance. I can only assume that it was donated by the mall and the Parkinson Society thought it was $100. Regardless, I like free money, and now my being camera-less has been solved.

I feel like a real journalist already, what with my digital voice recorder (which I’m infinitely in love with) and now a camera.

Now I’m looking forward to all of my summer plans even more so, as I can capture them in 2D for eternity!

Here’s a pic I found online of the model I bought (it was also $200 off because it was the display model and they just wanted to clear it out):


Finally, I can officially say that I’ve made it to the end of my first year of journalism school.

I got my last two projects in, and now I can relax. Well, until May 7th when summer classes start up. I think I’m going to try to give myself assignments over the summer to practice my journalism skills, because those last two projects were major time drains and I want to get a lot more proficient at getting things done – especially layout. I’m worried by the number of mistakes I make on laying out pages, since in September that will be one of my main roles for the school newspaper.

Anywho…something that happened recently was my Mom won passes from The Peak to watch Gotye‘s soundcheck before his show at The Vogue Theatre last Sunday, where we got to meet him before the show.

The deal was supposed to be that we got to hear the soundcheck because the show was a sell-out and we wouldn’t be able to go, but Gotye was generous enough to give everyone who won passes (there were eight of us, plus the woman from the radio station gave three unclaimed passes to a group of friends who had been waiting outside the 8pm show since 2pm at the urging of the other winners) tickets to the show that night.

It was a great show, and I was really impressed with the fact that Gotye’s set was well synchronized with videos and animations on a large screen behind him, which isn’t something I’ve typically seen from an artist in such a small venue.

(*At her request, I’ve cropped my Mom out of the picture)

What’s New

April 13, 2012

I haven’t forgotten about this little slice of the internet I like to call home, I’ve just been rather busy lately.

Last week was ‘Dailies Week’ at school, plus George Stroumboulopoulos was in town filming his show, so naturally I went to a couple of tapings. I saw Sarah McLachlan in the red chair and Nick Gilder and Mother Mother perform Gilder’s 70’s hit (the first song he ever wrote, if you can believe it!) Roxy Roller.

Cut to the weekend, and my body decided to get some revenge on me for evidently pushing myself so hard the past few months to make it through the semestre, and I got sick. So I had a terrible head cold all weekend, then when I went back to school on Tuesday, I added the stomach flu to the mix and spend about 11 hours from Tuesday night well into Wednesday morning throwing up (just to be graphic) every 30 to 90 minutes. I couldn’t even keep water or Pepto Bismol down.

So basically, I’ve been in bed pretty much all week. I’m inching closer to finishing my last two assignments (tomorrow’s the day!), then I’ll be a free bird. Well, at least until the summer semestre starts in May, haha!

I’m actually looking forward to it, though. My courseload will be significantly lightened with only three classes instead of seven, so I’ll have time to get started on a couple of book projects, as well as invest some time learning to play the guitar and working on my music. Plus I plan to dedicate some time to reading and getting outside more (doctor’s orders, after all!). I’m also going to start writing for This Dish Is Veg now that I have more time.

Though I must say, one thing I’m not looking forward to for the summer is not having access to a camera. I had to give the one I borrowed from school back today. I guess it’s back to kinda-bland blog posts. Wah wahhhh.