**UPDATE COMING SHORTLY. For now, let me just say I’ve recently started a business with my friend Tara-Lee Gardiner called Harmless Innovations, and I’m currently in J-School to become a full fledged Journalist.**

I’m a little bit country, a little bit Ms. Frizzle (you know, from The Magic Schoolbus? I like to get messy and make mistakes).

I love knowing what’s going on around me – who’s coming to town, when the next market is happening, where there’s a free movie or event, who’s giving a talk, and especially where I can see some free live music (though I don’t object to paying for it, too).

I’ve won a lot of radio contests in my day, but now find myself finally on the other side of that equation, co-hosting The Animal Voices Radio Show (www.AnimalVoices.org) on 102.7fm CFRO  Co-Op Radio (www.CoOpRadio.org) every Friday from 12 noon to 1 pm. We’re the only animal rights/vegan radio show in Vancouver (or Western Canada, for that matter).

Granted, it’s only once a week for an hour, and it’s not something I get paid for, but it’s something I really enjoy and would love to see become paid in the future. I love that I get to write again, and I’m expanding my interviewing skills. I also LOVE that it gives me the artistic license to ask anyone I want for an interview.

I also aspire to be on the radio in a different way one of these days – not just as a voice on a talk radio show, but as a singer. Now, if only I either knew how to play an instrument to help my abundant songwriting along, or at least knew someone who could play and wanted to collaborate, things might move along quicker in that direction. For now, witness me as I try to at least keep treading water until I can locate my sea legs.

If it’s possible to be so passionate about so many things (and I think it is), I am also slowly but surely seeing through my long held dream of starting my own baking business. It’s called Casualty, which is meant to be an ironic term to draw attention to the inherent cruelty not only in the meat industry, but also in the dairy and egg industries, and how they are so closely linked that they are really one and the same. The eats are of course vegan, hence the irony.

The way it works is this: first, it’s a home-based bakery, then it’s maybe a storefront bakery, eventually maturing into a restaurant, which will then (or the soon as I’m able financially to morph it) become a non-profit, and will be part of a circle involving an organic farm that supplies next-to-all ingredients for the restaurant, with an animal sanctuary on the farm. The farm and restaurant will support the sanctuary, which I envision to also be a place for educating people about the plight of animals raised for food (so like Farm Sanctuary). I’d also like to see a lot of local and community involvement with both the restaurant and farm – through live music, poetry readings, book clubs, community gardens, camp-outs, volunteer parties, and homeless outreach and skills training.

I’ve always wanted an animal sanctuary, since I was a kid, and even before I was vegetarian. For some reason I’ve always pictured there being bears and maybe wolves, and now that I live in Squamish, I’m wondering if that’s just because of the landscape that will be around the sanctuary, as this place felt right in my heart from the first day I woke up in the beauty that glistens from Sea to Sky in this slice of the world.

This blog is where all these things and more come together and express themselves through me. If I’m lucky, I’ll express myself through them, too. That would be bliss.

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