I Got A Bicycle

August 17, 2010

A lot sure can happen in a couple of months. I traded the city for the country (or rather the sea, the sky and the mountains), sold off all that was weighing me down, and let go the bike I previously wrote an ode to in favor of one with more sentimental value (and better mechanical shape and feelings of safety, in all honesty).

The sweetest bike moment yet happened to me when I took Mary Louisa (that’s my bike’s name, in honor of my Grandma, to whom she originally belonged) for a jaunt on Sunday night. I was cruising down a slight decline of a hill when my iPod playlist came serendipitously upon ‘I Got A Bicycle’ by Coco Love Alcorn. It was a full circle moment, as that song has rung out in my head uncountable times in the past two years since I first heard it at her CD release concert at the Rio Theatre. When I would see someone riding a bike, there was the song, when I would look for a bike on Craigslist, when I would picture myself smiling till it hurt while coasting on a beautiful cruiser, there was that song! And then there it was again, in the exact moment of fulfillment.

I love that I didn’t have to orchestrate it, and didn’t even expect it as I had no real idea anymore as to what was on that playlist (as I’d made it for a staff party a few months ago and only ever listened to it that once).

As for Mary versus Blossom, she’s got similar features, with less space to stretch to reach the ground.

(Originally posted on Blog.ca blog Bird-On-A-Wire on August 17th, 2010 – transferred here on May 26, 2011)