Today I bought a camera – AND I used free money to do it!

I won a gift card to Pacific Centre from entering a draw at the Parkinson Society British Columbia’s info booth in the mall when I was there with a friend looking for shoes to buy with another gift card I have on March 31st.

When I got the call about winning, I was told it was a $100 gift card, but it actually ended up being $150 when I checked the balance. I can only assume that it was donated by the mall and the Parkinson Society thought it was $100. Regardless, I like free money, and now my being camera-less has been solved.

I feel like a real journalist already, what with my digital voice recorder (which I’m infinitely in love with) and now a camera.

Now I’m looking forward to all of my summer plans even more so, as I can capture them in 2D for eternity!

Here’s a pic I found online of the model I bought (it was also $200 off because it was the display model and they just wanted to clear it out):



February 19, 2012

So today I woke up to two emails that were not so great, and SO GREAT!

Both were in response to a wanted ad I put on Craigslist in search of a free bike.

The first guy said he had one available – for $45. So my hopes were up, and then dashed like wet clothes beaten against a rock (were this the days of yore).

But then I noticed there was another in response to my ad, and this time the guy was willing to just give it to me! Wah hoo!

The story goes that the bike had been sitting in his backyard for about six years, and once belonged to someone (about my height, as it were) who he’s no longer friends with.

He said he didn’t see the sense in throwing it out, and I was going to put it to use, so he figured he’d contact me.

I was the second person he’d tried to give it to, so I’m pretty thankful right now that the first guy didn’t really get back to him (besides, that guy just looks for free bikes to fix up and sell).

After a good stuff in the back of my car, the as-of-yet-unnamed bike is now in my living room until I can figure out how to keep it and my other (pretty, but less practical one speed vintage cruiser) safe and secure in the backyard. Also known as “until I get a second lock, because the one I have now isn’t big enough to encompass both bikes’ wheels and frames before being locked.”

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what she looks like, so wonder no more. Here she is in all her free-wheelin’ glory:

(I’m still working on my photography skills, hence the slightly-out-of-focusness of this photo)

I still need a helmet, and I’m clearly going to need a kickstand, as well as a light for when I start to venture out in the darker hours, but I’m pretty pleased as punch for right now. I’ll give ‘er a little spiff and then take her to the streets.

The overall goal here is to get further than a couple of blocks without having an asthma attack, and work on “building up my core” as I’ve been trying to do in physio as part of my rehab, since cycling was one of the things I was told to do to get me there.

Oh, and of course, have fun and get places on my own person power, but those are some pretty obvious goals and built-in perks when it comes to riding, methinks.