The Book Shelf

June 11, 2011

Today I went downtown to check out the Squamish Farmer’s Market to size-up the competition before I put all the necessary effort into joining their ranks.

I was pleased to find that there was a stall selling bread that had three vegan breads. I was slightly weary that one of them was a pumpkin bread, as one of the things I want to sell at the market is pumpkin banana bread. Hopefully when deliberating the committee will take into account that they are actually quite different from one another. Perhaps some picture inclusions will be in order.

Other things I’m thinking of selling in my stall (which I had been planning to set up once a month from July through the market’s end in October, but am reassessing for August through October instead so I have more time to prepare and get a banner, etc) include pink lemonade cupcakes, probably a brownie of some sort (though I’m really not a good judge of the tastiness of a brownie, since I often have an aversion to chocolate in large doses), and I’m heavily leaning towards peanut butter cookies right now. That could just be due to my current proximity to the remains of my peanut butter-on-toast breakfast.

Pink L(emon)adies (with vanilla frosting)

After my rounds at the Farmers’ Market, I walked to a coffee shop for a latte (I swear I’m trying to quit – why is withdrawl so difficult??) and to indulge in reading Geri Halliwell’s first book, If Only, for a while.

As I was approaching the book store, I was considering going in for a look to see what’s new, maybe inhale that sweet, sweet new book smell, look at some journals and sigh with overflowing inspiration at what I could fill the pages with this time – but was very sad to find that none of that would be possible.

Like the Grilled Fromage (a decidedly cheesy restaurant that served something like 47 different kinds of grilled cheese, and had yellow curtains with holes in them designed to look like cheese that would have been heavenly to me when I was about 10 years old and still ate dairy) before it, The Book Shelf has closed. There’s a sign on the door thanking patrons for letting them be a part of their lives, and perhaps not unsurprisingly, a Canucks towel to show their support for the team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Now I guess we’ll have to get our book learnin’ from Wal-Mart, Save-On-Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, and London Drugs in this town. Then again, those four places are probably a major factor as to why The Book Shelf was no longer viable, since all offer their own varying discounts on new releases, though none hold any kind of back-catalogue or ordering ability like The Book Shelf.

Yet another sad day for literacy, not unlike the music industry.

On the brighter side, I really enjoyed the hour or so I spent reading If Only for I think the fourth time now. I was getting sufficiently excited by its passages, as though I remember the overall arch of the book, some of the little things had slipped from my memory in the three or so years I think it’s been since I last read it, and others that I did remember just brought up a feeling of nostalgia from previous read-throughs. I was also thinking about how long it’s been since the book was written (1998-1999), and how much I loved – nay, love – the Spice Girls.

I listened to Geri’s Schizophonic album while I read, then again when I was able to freely sing along on my walk back to my car without upsetting any coffee fiends. I think I may well end up watching both Spice Girls: The Movie – which was the first I ever saw twice in theatres – and the special I have taped on VHS that I recently found when unpacking things I’d stored at my parents’ house called Geri that follows her after her departure from the group. I make no guarantees that I’ll be able to then stop myself from also watching the Spice Girls concert at Whembly Stadium that I also have on VHS, or Spice Girls in America: A Tour Story.

Maybe now that I’m reading Geri’s book again I’ll be able to hold myself back from reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love for the fifth summer in a row. I’m beginning to worry that if I don’t give it a rest at least for one full year I might start to recite the pages in my sleep.