Cherry Cherry

June 20, 2010

This eve I made Cherry Cobbler, though I must admit I’m still in the dark about what a cobbler is per se. I don’t think it turned out as it should. The recipe said to glob 4 even spoonings of the topping onto the cherries, but didn’t say to spread it out (and it was thick and not so cooperative). I assumed this meant it would somehow spread itself in the baking process, but I was wrong.

Regardless, it is still rather tasty, if a little thick in certain spots.

I went against convention and used fresh cherries instead of the called for frozen variety, as it was these very cherries that needed using and necessitated the recipe in the first place.

I found myself with murder-scene splotches of red adorning my countertop, hands and shirt. Mess that it made, I thoroughly enjoyed the process, as with the zeal of a child left alone with finger paints. I really like this cuisine renaissance I’ve given myself of late. I missed this part of my person.

(Originally posted on blog Bird-On-A-Wire on June 20th, 2010 – transferred here May 26, 2011)