Breathe to Dream

April 15, 2015

Writing helps me breathe
Like carbon for the trees
I take the bad
And turn it into good
Internalize it all
Just like you knew I would.

Trees and birds passing notes
I’ve got this place that no one knows
They’ll never find us there
So leave behind your worldly cares.
This is where yours and mine,
They can unite
And all our dreams can finally fly.



April 14, 2015

Is confidence a choice?
A conscious decision to silence
The voices that run rampant,
Party with a penchant,
Taking much more than their share.

Is taking the staircase
All I need to do
To escape this self-despair?
Can I climb out from this basement
That knows no sunlight
If only I’m wise and brave enough to realize:
There is still a place where the sun shines.

I think that maybe – just maybe – confidence is but a choice,
A conscious decision to silence my inner critic’s voice.


December 9, 2011

I feel a tightening in my soul
Seems my heart is overgrown
Can your love set me free
Break on in, and we’ll soon see

(2:17pm Thursday, November 4, 2010)


December 5, 2011

You weren’t just fodder
You were inspiration
Fuel for the fire
And the dreams I’ve been chasin’

(1:31pm Tuesday, July 20th, 2010)


December 4, 2011

Do you think that I could linger
Maybe wait and see
What there is here for me
Take a look at what’s before me

I will draw my inspirations
Chart out my conclusions
Paint my intentions
And sing my aspirations

There are many ways to get free
And every one of them can lead
You self-bound
For what was lost can always be found

All we do is sacred
When we follow where love’s led

(10:22am Monday, September 6, 2010)


December 1, 2011

I don’t want to be lonely
But I don’t know how else to be
The other day I remembered
That someone once loved me

I don’t know how to let go
Of all that I have built
The irony is the craftsmanship
Was all of free will

I must stand naked before you –
Let my soul go bare
Learn to love myself
So I can welcome you here

This heart’s a little dusty,
And rather unsure,
Could use a fine tuning
To make it a little less insecure

Never forget that someone once loved you
And someone will again
Chances are it won’t be the same
But that’s all in the spirit of playing the game

Where hearts are lost,
And hearts are won
Some left standing,
While others move on

(1:03am Thursday, June 17, 2010)

Everytime I Fall

November 14, 2011

This is how I feel everytime I fall
Scrapin’ my knees,
Gettin’ caught on it all
Poundin’ in my heart, takin’ me home
So this is what it’s like when you’re never alone

You’re pulling me under with all your might
Please keep me safe and I’ll hold on tight

Show me no mercy as you love me full
Everything you say is just so powerful
There’s beauty in your words
And I love them, too
I could spend days
Listenin’ to you

You’re a fresh breath on a brisk spring eve
Spouting thoughts I ne’er could concieve
Whistle me a tune, sing me to sleep
Just please promise me, you’ll never leave

Your beautiful symphonies
Wrap me up in soliloquies
You surprise me with your harmonies
Kiss me with your melodies

Keep me from sleep
With all this loving energy
It’s all so earth-changing
I toss out any complaining,
Happy instead simply to take part
Singing songs written from the heart.

(This is a song I wrote in April 2010 about how deeply in love I fell with the Wailin’ Jennys’ beautiful music that night)