May 15, 2015


This third floor apartment
Ain’t gettin’ me any closer to the stars,
But I feel as though
My feet are so far off the ground
And I’m still scared
Of heights.
I’ve been swallowing tacks,
Biting my tongue
And holding out hope
That something good will prevail.
Where to turn, what to do –
Questions are out-pacing answers
These days
And I’m weary,
In search of bliss.


Breathe to Dream

April 15, 2015

Writing helps me breathe
Like carbon for the trees
I take the bad
And turn it into good
Internalize it all
Just like you knew I would.

Trees and birds passing notes
I’ve got this place that no one knows
They’ll never find us there
So leave behind your worldly cares.
This is where yours and mine,
They can unite
And all our dreams can finally fly.


April 14, 2015

Is confidence a choice?
A conscious decision to silence
The voices that run rampant,
Party with a penchant,
Taking much more than their share.

Is taking the staircase
All I need to do
To escape this self-despair?
Can I climb out from this basement
That knows no sunlight
If only I’m wise and brave enough to realize:
There is still a place where the sun shines.

I think that maybe – just maybe – confidence is but a choice,
A conscious decision to silence my inner critic’s voice.


November 28, 2011

I’ve been awaiting my own perfection
But I’ve been seeking the wrong directions
It’s time to relinquish these controls
Forgo all that holds
Me back from all I am
And could be.

(November 3rd, 2010)