Breathe to Dream

April 15, 2015

Writing helps me breathe
Like carbon for the trees
I take the bad
And turn it into good
Internalize it all
Just like you knew I would.

Trees and birds passing notes
I’ve got this place that no one knows
They’ll never find us there
So leave behind your worldly cares.
This is where yours and mine,
They can unite
And all our dreams can finally fly.


Spring Break

February 13, 2012

Alright, so since I haven’t been writing anything on here lately (which really is a shame) because of all these school deadlines I’ve been fighting against, I’m going to just post a bunch of my assignments.

I guess it’s sort of some February Filler, since it’s been two weeks since I even posted any lyrics (of which I have a plenty).

These assignments could probably use some work, but I’m going to take the easy/lazy route and not edit them before I post them.

I imagine one day I’ll enjoy looking back on them as how ‘cute’ or something similar (awful? trite? disastrous?) it is that they once passed for something of pride. Of course, this is based on my assumption that my writing will in fact get better instead of worse, which I think is always the thing to hope for. Self-improvement for the win.

Let the posts BEGIN!

Oh, and p.s. – I have time for this and hopefully some original writing now because it’s Spring Break, in case the title didn’t give that away.


December 15, 2011

Have I ever told you how much I love mail? Well, it’s right up there with the library (which I think everyone should start frequenting much more).

Last night a friend asked for my mailing address to send me a Christmas card, today someone else asked for it for perhaps the same reason (or maybe not, who knows), and I got a wonderful holiday postcard from the lovely Grinches (just kidding!) over at Nice Shoes.

I’m also still waiting on the reply from my third (the first two kind of crapped out of the program, strangely) vegan pen pal, who just so happens to live in one of my destination cities – Nashville, Tennessee.

The pen pal project was originally through the web-based Living Opposed to Exploitation and Violence (L.O.V.E.), but the person (volunteering! and paying for postage and a P.O. Box without accepting donations, if you can believe it!) coordinating the project is going to be on the move for the next six months or so, and has passed things along to another person who also runs a pen pal project.

The project is aimed at pairing new vegans or people who are on the verge of going vegan with someone more experienced who can provide some guidance and speak to some issues that might arise during the transition from omnivore or vegetarian to vegan.

I interviewed Jenna McDavid (who was coordinating the L.O.V.E. Vegan Pen Pals Project) about it on the Animal Voices Radio Show back in June if you’re interested in taking a listen to learn more.

And if you’d like to get yourself a vegan pen pal, you can contact Kaycee at to sign up.

(Or, if you’d like to be my pen pal, there’s a chance that could be arranged. I miss the letters I used to frequently trade with several people while I was away volunteering for nine months in Katimavik).


November 25, 2011

If I were an old typewriter
What stories would I have to tell
Would they be of heaven
Or would they be of hell

(June 15, 2010)