On Friday night I went to the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society’s ‘Last Lecture’ featuring CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos.

The event normally centres on a speech by the guest speaker to graduating students as they approach release into the ‘real world,’ but George opted for something a little different.

Instead, the night took the form of a question and answer session, led by three UBC students who had won the chance to interview the Canadian journalist. There were also some questions from the audience, and Stroumboulopoulos stuck around until midnight taking photos, telling stories, and shooting the breeze with event attendees.

I’ll be writing my story for The Voice this week on the event, so I’ll post that here once I have it written.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple of photos from Friday night.

George pondering how to respond to an audience question about how to move forward in getting a campus radio show back on the air.

George poses with graduating students Alivia Prattas and Meghan Anderson at the wine and cheese after reception.

p.s. – I was excited to hear George confirm that he is now a vegan, though he said he prefers to say he eats a whole foods plant-based diet. He also was telling someone that he still has leather riding gear for when he’s on his motorcycle, and that his shoes are leather. I asked him if it’s more for health than ethical reasons that he’s vegan then, and he said it is for health, but there is some ethical to it. Granted, I’m not stoked to hear someone say they still wear leather, but there’s still hope!