Okay, so I know I’ve been writing about the most epic of roadtrips of my dreams from Squamish to Cali and back – but here’s the thing: I was totally terrified of realizing that dream.

I know, I know – it happens to the best of us. So exactly what happened? I have no doubt that all of my pent up, months’ long anxiety about the trip caused it to implode on itself.

I’m actually relieved that I will now be departing via plane (even though plane trips generally make me feel rather sick and ‘off’ for some time afterward) from Vancouver to Los Angeles tomorrow morning come 9am. I’ll be back on Canadian soil – or rather, airport flooring – as of 9pm next Monday evening. Hopefully I`ll be able to get some beach time in there, and actually see at least a few of the LA sights this time around (it`s still a sour spot for me that no one would get out of the car the first time I was in LA, other than to use the washroom at a Burger King before high tailing it back to the Disneyland bubble of Anaheim).

I even just secured care for my cat Ruby (talk about last minute…but that`s generally how I roll) while I`m away. Now I just have to pack. And clean my house so that I don`t think about it constantly while I`m gone. At least I really like to do dishes. My iPod is loading, and I`m just about outta here.

Now I`m going to have to not only admit to myself, but recognize my travel (and otherwise) capabilities from now on. Here`s hoping the results will manifest themselves in the form of my other epic roadtrip-of-my-dreams from here to Toronto and back for Canadian Music Week next year, and then if all goes well with that, down to San Francisco to the Power to the Peaceful festival next September, as I have to admit I was disappointed it was postponed this year.

Here`s to the next 6 days of learning about animal rights activism, networking, and soaking up some real summer sunshine (since it`s been severely absent here in Squamish and often Vancouver of late).


…above the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’ve been caught up in trying to get caught up on work to where I can feel marginally comfortable leaving things for two weeks while I Folk around at the Vancouver Folk Festival (July 15th-17th) before departing for California the next morning, and not returning till July 29th.

On my way into Vancouver from Squamish this afternoon to pre-record what turned into just one episode (it was supposed to be two, but it took us about 3 1/2 hours just to crank out one compilation episode, so we packed it in ‘early’ at 5:15pm), I was driving over the Lions Gate Bridge and overtaken by an internal feeling best described as soaring that I get when I’m really excited or in love with something thinking about how soon I will FINALLY be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge instead.

A lifetime of waiting is soon to come to fruition. Hopefully I can wrangle some good pictures out of this upcoming epic endeavour. I’m also planning on taking my video camera that my parents recently gave me, though I can’t promise that it will be as or any more incredible than the time I went to Tacoma (I only ever wrote the second ‘part’ of what I think I envisioned to be a three or four part series before I forgot exactly how everything went down) – or the time I Pimped Laura’s Mailbox, for that matter. One can only hope.

Side note – re-reading through all my old blog posts just now to find the ones about Tacoma was a beautiful gift of self-reflection. I certainly swore a lot more a few years ago, but it’s really cool to be able to see what things I may have made some headway on, as well as see what things I still want now and where they originated (like a Smart car – I didn’t realise it had been 5 years).