June 27, 2011

A couple of weeks back, I was in the Squamish Public Library and decided to survey the poetry board they have there, fully expecting all new material.

I was almost right – everything was new except the poem I’d tacked up sometime last October, called Dennis. I wrote it for my Grandpa the night he died, last April. Not sure why my piece alone made it so far past the one month maximum posting time, but here it is:


Rain, take me away
Wash me out to sea
And into the bay
I could use a little change
I know I’m just thinking out loud
But it feels nice
To think myself a new life
On a night like this
When I’ve a dark kiss
Stained on my lips
How do we get by
One chance at a time
We all take our turns
With saying goodbye
But in the end
The last one is life’s
I can feel you in the atmosphere
And there’s no place I want to be other than here
Soft night on my feet
I expect you in my dreams
A reunion of bliss
You’ve waited so long for this
You were the last to remain
And now you are fleeting
Like this beating rain
A fitful way for life to reclaim
You this spring day
Your April showers
Are set to blossom the flowers
You so were seeking
I’m so sorry for not speaking up sooner –
I loved you, you know
And I’m all too sad to see you go
Time will move on and go by
Though we’re not ready or willing to say goodbye
To each his own, and all shall pass
You and we loved – and that’s what will last.


2 Responses to “Dennis”

  1. Alison Cole Says:

    That’s fantastic, Carissa. You should make that into a song.

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